StepStone ATSi Apply

Offer candidates the optimal candidate experience — from the job ad through to submitting their application. StepStone ATSi Apply transfers the candidate data collected by StepStone directly into your application tracking system. Increase your recruiting success.

  • Fast application process
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Reduced dropout rate
  • Optimised for all devices

StepStone ATSi-Apply optimizes the candidate experience in the application process because candidates can skip a time-consuming process step. The dropout rate decreases, and the number of applications increases. Offer candidates the optimal application process — from the job ad through to submitting their application.

Are you a provider of an application tracking system?

On our API website you can find out all you need to know about integration and technical data.

Not enough applicants? This is why your applicants are dropping out …

Gears and a stopwatch before the number 71

71% of the interviewed candidates say they abandon an application process if it takes longer than 15 minutes.

Human before the number 39

39% of potential candidates say that the formal requirements for the application process are too complicated.

ID card on a smartphone, followed by the number 86

86% of candidates are looking for jobs via smartphone.

Source: What Workers Want Report 2018, StepStone study, ‘Candidates in spotlight’, 2017, Kelton Global market research

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StepStone E-Recruiting Solutions

Job Postings

Job Ads

Fill open positions quickly and easily

  • Online within 24 hours
  • 30 days online in 3 languages
  • Choose options for personalisation
  • Performance monitoring of your job ad
  • Email notifications to relevant candidates
  • Pay by invoice or credit card
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Company Profile

Show interested candidates who you are

  • Your company presentation on StepStone
  • All information relevant on one platform
  • Various branding options
  • Free and fast set-up via online form
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International Recruiting

Easily recruit talent abroad

  • Find your “hard-to-fill” roles
  • For locations outside of Belgium
  • Trust our expertise spanning 15 years
  • Enjoy having one single point of contact
  • StepStone is a founding member of THE NETWORK