Publishing partners

StepStone increases the reach of your job advertisements many times over with strategic cooperations.*

  • Multiple publication of your ad on up to 100 partner websites
  • Niche partner websites to find profiles that are difficult to reach
  • A wider, good-quality audience for your job ad
  • Broad variety of partner websites in specific disciplines, sectors and regions

*We strive to make your job ad as visible as possible. Not every advertisement is relevant for every partner and every partner reserves the right not to show a particular vacancy.

Your job ad will appear on the online portals of up to 100 high-reach StepStone publishing partners:


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Job Ads

Fill open positions quickly and easily

  • Online within 24 hours
  • 30 days online in 3 languages
  • Choose options for personalisation
  • Performance monitoring of your job ad
  • Email notifications to relevant candidates
  • Pay by invoice or credit card

Company Profile

Show interested candidates who you are

  • Your company presentation on StepStone
  • All information relevant on one platform
  • Various branding options
  • Free and fast set-up via online form

International Recruiting

Easily recruit talent abroad

  • Find your “hard-to-fill” roles
  • For locations outside of Belgium
  • Trust our expertise spanning 15 years
  • Enjoy having one single point of contact
  • StepStone is a founding member of THE NETWORK